"He pushes you way beyond what you think you can do, it’s amazing to get done with a work out and you realize what you just accomplished."

Dan Wray

"As someone who has worked out for many years and done a lot of research on my own I thought I pretty much knew what I was doing when it came to working out. That being said, when I first started training with Roger, I instantly realized how uninformed I really was."

Nick Geraci

"I didn’t know how I was going to do juggle the impossible. I had two kids, a two year old girl and three year old boy and a job that required me to work 40+ hours, punching in at 7:00 am. I was determined to do this, change the physical and mental health that was slowing me down.

My first session with Roger was an assessment that my friend, Patricia and I took together. We were both out of shape and needed help. We both committed ourselves to better fitness and somehow managed to come up with enough money (we stopped eating out) and committed to 3 months.

In 3 months I noticed a difference. I was stronger. My cardio had improved drastically. I will admit I questioned him from time to time on exercises, but he explained that it was going to help melt the fat. He was right."

Angie H.

"I have been active all my life, at the age of 6 my dad would get the family up early to do group exercise and run before chores and school. In the 70s I was in a relay team at Penn State NCAA swim championships and placed, qualifying as an All-American!

I continued to exercise but limited myself to jogging. I was devastated after my bone density results were low. Over the years I attempted weight bearing exercises but ended up with tendonitis. I was recovering more than lifting. Then I met Roger and he convinced me to sign up for six months of one on one training with him and guaranteed me drastic results.

He was able to get me through the pain and rehabilitate me from the tendonitis by strengthening my back and going through stretching routines along with hard cardio workouts that he kept increasing and changing in intensity and strength! I have not yet completed my 6 months with him and I feel stronger and more fit than I’ve ever felt in my life!"

Rhonda D.

"I came to Roger as a last resort as my high cholesterol and high blood pressure had me at the doctor’s office and taking pills (which I hate).

After only 3 months of training with him I went to see my doctor and he was AMAZED of the results not only on how I looked but my blood work!

He asked me what I had done. My response was: "I got my ass kicked by a trainer!""

Greg Bentley

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